Maskilator is specially designed for the best ergonomic shape to fit between the mask and the face.

The plastic parts are produced by organic plastic materials for the sake of the bio compatibility of human body.

Battery and other electronic components (except the fan) are sealed perfectly to prevent any allergically reaction and/or health problems.
It is easy to use and place in the mask. Maskilator can be bound to all types of masks where there will be no need to change the disposable masks. With this, there will be a possibility to have different types and grades of masks with an outstanding comfort without bounded specially produced brand sourced disposables.

It maintains positive pressure inside the mask thus decreases the contamination possibility of airborne diseases.

Maskilator provides more oxygen than regular masks when functioning because it continuously sucks in air into the mask. So, with the circulated air inside, users will have more oxygen instead of inhaling their own exhaled CO2 inside the mask. This feature may decrease the possibility of any sickness which is related to long term mask usage. Also decreases the over humidity during the usage which causes the fogginess on near objects like eye glasses, sunglasses, face-shields, etc…

You can use it everywhere specially when you need more air while in fitness, walking on the street, public transportation, exercising, taking the stairs, etc…

That being said, this way, Maskilator will help increase the compliance to infection prevention & control in the environment and will help people wear masks all the time.

It is easy to apply mask and easy to use because it is rechargeable which needs one houur to become fully charged.

Maskilator operates for 2 hours of run time after fully charged. It weights less than 30 grams/1 ounce, So, for its lite weight, it is not necessary for any other apparatus to stabilize it or hold it. Regular masks holds it in place properly.

It is not possible to be seen from outside during the usage, therefore it gives more convenient look to the user, others will only be able to see the frame clip from the outside. There are different colors to be chosen.