Transforms Your Mask into a Personal Ventilator

What is Maskilator?

Maskilator is an additive device that transforms your mask into a personal ventilator. It contains a special powerful fan, a lithium Polymer battery and a printed circuit. Also has a special ergonomic design shaped to fit users’ faces. Maskilator is placed inside the mask between the face and the mask.

Maskilator is combined with two parts; body and a snap-on frame clip. Body is positioned inside the mask and the frame clip sits externally to the mask.

What it Does?

It ventilates fresh air from outside through the mask while it is being used. This device has no disposable parts or filter. It is able to attach any kind of soft mask and it uses them as a filter while functioning. It perfectly fits to the mask from the inside and its snap-on frame clip maintains it near your mouth and nose inside the mask.

The Maskilator operates by a power switch which runs the powerful fan to easily inhale the filtered air from the environment via the mask membrane. This will balance the air flow creates freshness and easy breathing while using mask.

How to get it?

Thank You for your interest in the Maskilator. We offer comprehensive services to manage demand globally, gain early access and focus on the market. We will be happy to hear from you.